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January 31, 2008


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(Sorry to bombard you with comments but your posts say so much that it's hard not to comment a lot.)

Excellent analysis! Clinton's choices make me want to vomit. What a phony! (I'm with you on Obama). I agree Huckabee probably also checked with his consultants but at least they picked some decent stuff for him.

And it is a fact that McCain likes the Beach Boys, based on the answer he once gave at a press conference: "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb-Bomb Iran..." Seriously.

Paul, bombard away! I have three or four fairly regular commenters; the more the merrier. Half the fun of my posts (for me, at least), are the conversations that start happening in the comments. I love my regulars.

Interesting discussion of Mike Huckabee's music taste over at Radosh.net, specifically his "vertical" Christian music preferences (as a musician) and how they relate to his evangelist-coded rhetoric on the campaign trail. (See also: tactical uses of major Christian pop figure Chuck Norris as a sly attempt to bridge the evangelists and internet nerds.) Fortunately I don't think any of this increases his chances of getting the nomination.

Also, there is always this

Suddenly I have KISS's epic contribution to Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey running through my head.

God gave rock and roll to you...

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