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July 07, 2010


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I have you to think for getting me finally into Harry Nilsson. So thanks!

Here Come the Warm Jets is a piece of convulsive rock genius, seconded only by his Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy). I went through a huge ambient Eno phase in college with On Land and Discreet Music being my favorites then. I like Music for Airports now better because its less saturated, more cerebral music. His Music for Films is a set of great miniatures in that same vein, almost like ambient jazz.

And if you are onto Eno and Talk Talk, I highly recommend digging into the world of Robert Wyatt.

I don't know Wyatt's work. Where to start?

For Wyatt, start with Rock Bottom or Ruth is Stranger than Richard, both from the 70s. The more recent Shleep and Cuckooland are both excellent as well.

Wire: Chairs Missing is great, of course. I also like their often overlooked electronic-pop return in the 80s, particularly The Ideal Copy.

Agree about Silver Apples, good stuff. Have never followed up on Eno, myself, and still haven't been able to get into Spirit of Eden.... I should try again.

Eno: Definitely check out Taking Tiger Mountain next. It's closest to Warm Jets. "The True Wheel" is such a jam. Past that, I'd vote for Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks over On Land. Music for Airports is nice. Considering your fondness for Cluster, you'll likely enjoy the Cluster & Eno albums. The first one's better but the second one has "The Belldog," which is one of my favorite Eno songs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TPxvsejbBc

Wire: Considering that there were at least two commercially released compilations of Wire's first three albums (and I ended up making my own to pass along to some friends), it's amazing how much better their first three albums hold up as albums. (This is not the case for their 1980s stuff.) Chairs Missing is my favorite by a decent margin, not that Pink Flag or 154 are anything less than great. 154 has its flaws, but they make sense within the context of the group's evolution.

I need to spend more time with Mountains and Lesser Matters.

Wyatt is a great man. He is my idol.

NA - Cluster & Eno is on my list for sure. I did pick up Harmonia & Cluster, which I'll be writing about later this week.

Still loving your blog. Thanks!

What, no Xasthur? :)

What's your take on Spoon's "Series of Sneaks"?

I like it but it's not my favorite.I think they really hit their stride beginning with Girls Can Tell.

Big Spoon fan, but I've never really gotten the chill up my spine for any of the full albums except Girls Can Tell and Kill the Moonlight. Those albums go right up there with This Year's Model on the shelf of Best Stripped-Down Rock Ever.

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