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July 09, 2010


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there's a really interesting version of a harmonia track called clean coloured wire by the engineers. for background info you could read julian cope's book about krautrock (whose title escapes me....) very interesting blog and some music its great to hear again.... oh yes, what is pitchfork?

Thanks for the comment cheetham - yes, I've heard that Engineers track, pretty sure I've posted it somewhere on this blog before. I also have a PDF of the Cope book (Krautrocksampler), though its quality is not terrific so I've yet to really try reading it. There's a new book out called, simply, "Krautrock" that is a kind of coffee table book which goes into a little depth for all the bands. I bought it but haven't had much time to read it.

Pitchfork? Just a website the kids are into these days.

Ultima Thule pt. 1 is pretty epic. Lots of krautrock sounds like it could fit on the Clockwork Orange soundtrack for me -- which is a definite good thing

I see you've neglected Tangerine Dream's first record Electronic Meditation. Julian Cope claims that "If you think that you've heard rock n' roll without hearing this LP, you are crazy." A bit of an overstatement, but this track goes a little way toward making the case: http://bit.ly/45MHv

Definitely want Electronic Meditation... just so happened that Alpha Centauri presented itself to me so that's the one I picked up. Listening to this track right now... pretty good!

Kind of interesting to me how so many of these bands went in the ambient/drone/new age direction, yet so many of these acts featured really terrific drummers/rhythm sections.

Maybe the way the 70's progressed musically, it was either ambient/drone/new age or funk/disco. Or in the case of Can, both.

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