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May 25, 2006


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Re: I Can't Live, I Can't Breathe, Unless We Do It For the Glory of Love\

What a retard. I'll bet u anything this jerkoff can't play anything that resembles an instrument. Think about what it takes to even make an album, let alone form a band, u shit for brains. And he tries to woo us by interlacing the "my ever brilliantly astute wife"- That doesn't even make sense Spicoli. What a loser, let me guess, she's good lookin too...

Yes, she is good lookin. Thanks!

I know his wife. She is pretty smart, and pretty good looking too. And I know the author and happen to know that he plays many things that not only resemble instruments, but actually ARE instruments. I know, crazy!!

Yes, I play insturments, but Jeremy, don't discount all the instrument-like things I play as well. I am a pro on the guitad, the grums, and I play a mean salmon. Also, the didgeridon't! (thanks! I'll be here all week!)

In fact I'm rather prolific, and not a little experimental. Last night I was in my room, and I turned out all the lights. I put "You've Got Mail" on the flat screen on one side of the room, and I hung all these cute kitten posters on the other, and in between I wrote a power metal masterpiece. It's called "The Escapade." I would show u the lyrics, but I only like them when they're in my own handwriting. They look really kewl, the way they're written in my journal.

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