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May 24, 2006


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I watched the first part of "Heavy" and it was pretty weak. However, I also watched some of the Behind the Music on Pantera and it, for one brief moment, was illuminating.

Remember when you and I were in high school and we first heard Exhorder and we realized that Pantera sounded just like them, only not quite as awesome? Later in life I've learned that we weren't the only ones. There are actually a number of "Anti-Pantera" websites, often devoted to discussing how Pantera's whole sale rip off of the Exhorder sound did nothing more than deny Exhorder the glory they deserved. Pretty entertaining stuff if you ask me.

Anyway, on the BTM, there was a shot of Phil at some Pantera show, and lo and behold, he was wearing an Exhorder shirt. I thought about calling you right then, but then realized that I don't know your number.

Sorry, that was pretty long.

I saw the second half of the Pantera BTM, mostly the stuff about Diamond Darrell being shot on stage, which was nuts. And wow, I haven't thought of Exhorder in years...

But man, I really can't stand Phil Anselmo. What a turd that guy is.

Also, I totally knew you were going to comment on this post. I just knew it!

november pain? awww, good one!

Wish I could say I came up with it. The phrase comes from the page I linked.

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