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October 29, 2007


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dum review lol

whats up

I don't know, I think you analyze too much, it really took away enjoying In Rainbow for what it is, inviting yourself to their world.

According to your review of "sound and song", I think In Rainbow has just the balance.

I'm a backward Radiohead fan. I became their fan when I first heard In Rainbow, then I backtracked all their older albums. I love almost all of their albums, except I don't have "Pablo Honey" & "Amnesiac". I fall in love with In Rainbow, then I got "OK Computer". I thought I didn't like it as much as In Rainbow, guess what, it grew on me. Their music is amazingly saturated in layers, never gets boring.

When you mentioned "but the effect is that the dynamics are washed out". Forgive them for growing older and maturer, "dynamics" may not be the first thing in their mind now.

Oh, not to mention Kid A! ;-)

I love Radiohead's music and their spirit, not afraid of changing or stick around enjoying what they've already built and have.

"Oh, not to mention Kid A! ;-)"

Supposed to be placed at the end of comment.

Sorry, my superstition just kicked in, need to take this back by saying "never gets boring", for my love of Radiohead. ;-)

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