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November 04, 2007


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I was all set to chime in with some of the albums of my life, many of which have nothing to do with what I like now (um, the Eagles greatest hits vol. 1, for real), but then you had to go and say that Spiderland, possibly the greatest rock album of the 90s, hasn't aged well, and I have to say that you're just talking crazy talk!

What can I tell you, it pains me to say it. Spiderland definitely falls into the "life-changing albums" category, too. Let's just say, for now, that my feelings for that albums are... complex.

That Slint happened at a bad time in my life, so I love it in the most negative way possible. Or hate it in the most positive. Best left raveled.

I have to confess, I've never figured out the cult of Elliott, but powerfully devout cult members it has.

bdr, re slint - I think I know what you mean, maybe - I might describe Moon Pix the same way.

I guess Elliott (pre-Miss Misery, pre-XO) had to hit you at the right age at the right time. His first three albums spoke to me a helluva lot more than anything Kurt Cobain ever did, that's for sure.

Slint, Rodan, Low, Drive like Jehu, Quicksand, Rolins, Tool, Fugazi, Codeine, Red House Painters, Beadhead, Mazzy Star, Far, Nation of Ulysses, Antioch Arrow, Mono, Shellac, I know how you feel.

And apparently we have almost the same record collection, though I can't say I connected as well with Craw.. thank you

Wilco was such a great band in the 90's. The best show I ever saw was when they played the 9:30 club in DC I think in 99. But the albums starting with wither date just got way too mellow and I haven't been able to keep up with it since.

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