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December 04, 2007


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From what I gather, it's Clark's first couple of solo albums that are the best, but I haven't yet heard them (though I really want to!).

Rumours is basically a perfect album. Even "You Make Loving Fun", which I sort of hate, is great. But it can be hard to hear past the 30 years of overplaying. Of course, I grew up on it... (it was one of the few good records my mom had). It's a shame that the Clinton campaign used "Don't Stop", hence ruining it for many people. It's a great, great song, with a nice guitar solo from Buckingham.

I love Dylan, but frankly all of his great albums have been growers for me. On Blood on the Tracks (my favorite), yeah, "Tangled Up In Blue" and "Shelter from the Storm" were songs I immediately loved, but it took me a long time to get into the rest of it. Same was definitely true with Blonde on Blonde; outside of "Visions of Johanna", I had a hard time with it for a while... but now I love it.

I still haven't heard In Rainbows, and I don't care if I ever do. Is that wrong??

Keep going back to Radio City. It's pretty much as good as #1 Record, in my opinion, in the same way. (I dislike Third.)

I guess it's hard not to be sick of the hits from Rumours, and maybe I'm resistant to the idea that Buckingham's songs are best because he always gets the lion's share of the credit from the hipsters. His songs only sound fresher to me because they haven't been overexposed; McVie's songs sound fresher than Nicks's because Nicks's were bigger hits, too.

Anyway, try (if you feel inclined) giving "Go Your Own Way" a close listen. The rhythms in the verse part between the guitar and the drums are weirdly herky-jerky, deliberately avoiding straightforward propulsion, yet it was a hit.

Up has slowly become my favorite R.E.M. album.

I'm going to have to echo Scraps on "Go Your Own Way". Also, I absolutely love McVie's "Songbird".

About that Modern Lovers record... is that the debut? Their music has been recombined into so many different releases, it's hard to tell. I have the original released version (not to be confused with The Original Modern Lovers>, which I believe is the rougher tracks before John Cale produced them or something), and it doesn't have Richman on the cover (I think it was just called The Modern Lovers, too). Anyway, that record I like a lot, but I go hot and cold on it, listening to it incessantly for weeks, then not again for months on end....

I've yet to get on the McVie bandwagon, I find her songs on Rumours and on Tusk to be utterly boring.

I'm sorry to hear I'm going with the grain on Buckingham, but what are you going to do? He is the best thing about the band. As far as Nicks goes, I like her best when she and Buckingham sing together, regardless of who sings lead. I think their voices complement each other wonderfully.

As for the Modern Lovers album... I always thought the album simply called The Modern Lovers (purple cover with type, no image) was the debut, but this one I picked up is from 1976, so I'm not sure. It has "Abominable Snowman in the Market" and a lovely version of "Amazing Grace," if that helps.

I think Buckingham was the catalyst of the band: the guy who could take other people's songs, better than his, the treatment they deserved. They really did all make each other better. I've done my best to like Buckingham's solo stuff, but beneath the production and the craft, the songs are boring.

McVie's peak is on Fleetwood Mac, but I still like her songs on Rumours. De gus.

I think the peak of Buckingham in the band is the amazing arrangement of the late single "Big Love" (which also had a great video).

Oops. Sorry about the messed up tag.

fixed it for you.

Ok, Scott. I know you pretty well (ahem), and I really don't think you will ever be able to like "Big Love" in earnest or otherwise if you EVER watch the video. But you NEED to watch the video. Because, well, wow. Please make sure you watch it all the way to the very end. ASAP. Wow.


(Sorry for the veto, Scraps.)
(Also of note: Stevie's excellent skirt swishing. Thank goodness for that!)

Somehow, despite knowing this song all my life, I didn't realize this was them!?!? another AMAZING video - love the 80's prairie fashions...

ok, a million comments... but this is a good song.
hold me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcqrQg0lFwQ

and here's a taste of the buckingham/nicks stuff, pre fleetwood mac:

ok, that's all.

Whoa! 80s overload! I don't think I can follow FM to their final destination...

Yeah, Tusk is where it really ends for Fleetwood Mac. Here, McVie's songs, in my opinion, ARE boring as hell, though I love a few of Nicks' ("Storms" always gets me; "Sara" is great). But Mirage is forgettable, and by the pseudo-comeback Tango in the Night, Buckingham was definitely the only thing good going on (Nicks' songs on that album are truly awful, and her voice was shot), but not quite good enough. I still like "Big Love" though.

On Tusk, you might be interested in checking out this old piece from Simon Reynolds (a listener who had definitely ignored the Mac when they were big, what with punk and everything).

Do you have the second album, "Pure Phase", by Spiritualized? I enjoy both of their first two records but "Pure Phase" seems more fully-realized to my ears. To be quite honest, when I put on "Lazer Guided Melodies", I put on "Pure Phase" after and listen to them back-to-back like one huge album

Hey Phil! No, I've never heard Pure Phase. The only other Spiritualized album I've really heard is Ladies and Gentlemen.... I'll have to look for that one.

Hey, Scott. Sorry I never sent you those Solo Project discs. I've kind of disowned that stuff in my own mind, even though that's no excuse for not returning your favor--I still listen to the Half Visconte EP and LP, but I listen to "Should We Rest" and "In The Kenneth Room" a million times more. I miss having a Scott Tennent in the local 'scene'

if you want to get into dylan i'd start with john wesley harding... i think his best all around record and was the one that really killed me. the main problem with dylan is in mp3 format, the harmonica is so piercing it can make you sterile.... and am i reading correctly a bunch of people younger than me talking about fleetwood mac positively???!!!!???!!! am in not getting some kind of irony here? have you all lost your minds????? with dylan, i'd say keep trying, but man, put down the fleetwood mac records (and whatever substance you are ingesting that is making you even want to like them) and run like hell! this confuses me almost as much as you trying to like the band america...what's next? average white band... ugh!

hehehehe... steve, I was wondering if you'd show up. Now this comments thread is the embodiment of the voices in my head--"I want to like Fleetwood Mac!" "What??? No!!!" "Yes!" "No!" "She's my sister!" "She's my daughter!" ...er, something like that.

Cut me some slack on that America album, man! I owned up to my error immediately! That said, every time I buy an album from the 70s, a little voice in my head says "steve would loathe this..."

Phil - no sweat on those CDs. Drop me a line if you're ever in LA.

I firmly believe that Rumours is one of the best albums of all time, so I can't agree with your not liking Don't Stop. ;)

Buckingham/Nicks is widely available on vinyl (I have six different pressings :P) - check eBay. Passable-quality mp3s are available here: http://www.buckinghamnicks.net/bn/slmedia.html


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