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December 16, 2007


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Just stumbled onto your site. You might like my blog. In the last month I featured The India Song, California (from Blue), and Almost Blue (from Imperial Bedroom). Pretty random? Anyway, I'm also a Byrds fan (especially Sweetheart).

Warning: I also like country. Anyway, looks like there's some overlap.

URL = http://www.settingthewoodsonfire.com/

Hey Paul - thanks for commenting; your blog looks great, glad to know about you!

Thanks! I've got a link up to PGWP. I'm looking forward to reading...

Love your blog! I was excited to see that you are discovering Costello, one of my personal favorite artists. Thought I'd comment that he hardly wrote a bad note between This Year's Model and King of America. I would particularly recommend Trust, King of America, and This Year's Model (which you already have) as his triumvirate of brilliance. He has other great stuff later in his career, but his initial offerings are by far the best.

I really like your writing - I'll be reading from here on out. Thanks.

Hey Berrett - thanks for the compliment. I so happened to check your blog today too; I see we're both reading jeremy's blog. Hope you get your def leppard poster.

Steve Roden sent me here. For Costello, I love Armed Forces. For Joni Mitchell, try Hejira. It's got the band thing, but totally different. She's over being a pop star, and not trying so hard to prove she can do jazz. Great songs with interesting arrangements, and she sings mostly in her lower range the whole time.

Hey Steve - I was pawing over Armed Forces just the other day. And I think Scraps (another commenter here) recommended Hejira (among others) last time I posted about Micthell...

Thanks for posting - hope you find other things of interest around these parts.

If you dig Big Star, check out Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos" release. Proves that Bell deserved as much (more?) praise than Chilton in the Big Star days.

Ditto what mike said, check out I Am The Cosmos if yer digging on Bigstar.

I also didnt pick up on Notorious Byrd Brothers until a few of years ago. Great stuff.

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