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December 03, 2007


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Have you listened to Buckingham's solo albums post-Mac? Truly GOOD.

It's an odd guilt-by-association Buckingham's got stanked on him.

Really all I've heard is Rumors and Tusk, and both make it plain that Buckingham is the best thing about this band. Any recommendations on where to start with his solo stuff?

92's Out of the Cradle (yes, Whitman allusion) and 06's Under the Skin are both terrific.

His first two not so much.

I think to most R.E.M. fans (even the neophytes), Around the Sun is most definitely a turkey. The two albums prior to that had at least a few redeeming songs, but that one sounds like it had the life sucked right out of it.

I'll have a little more to say about REM and Fleetwood Mac (and the rest) in tomorrow's post...

Around the Sun is definitely REM's worst album, but it does have some redeemable qualities. I also think the two previous albums had more to offer than "a few redeeming songs." Reveal gets a bum rap.

bdr - thanks for the rec's.

Don't sell the Stevie Nicks songs short. Granted, even she admits that a lot of their quality comes from the settings Buckingham gave them. (She was asked once about the fall off in quality in her songs after, say, Tusk, and she said it was because "that was when Lindsay stopped working on my songs" or something--I'm sure I'm botching the quote.) Also, the first Buckingham-Nicks Fleetwood Mac album (called Fleetwood Mac) is first rate.

I wasn't aware Buckingham had any guilt-by-association thing going on. Why would he be seen as "guilty" for having been one of the creative forces behind one of the best bands of the late 70s?? Anyway, his solo stuff has always been fairly well-received (as far as I can remember).

Sorry: "Lindsey". I always do that.

Maybe a bad choice of term for Buckingham, but Mac is held in disdain - wrongly - b/c of their success: perhaps another example of success = sell-out.

I know people whose taste I trust speak of Mac with nothing but loathing. They say they like some of the songs, but.....

That's how I was for a long time. My kneejerk reaction was to hate FM. I still haven't found the album that convinces me they were "one of the best"--I think both Rumors and Tusk are hit-and-miss affairs, and haven't heard their other albums.

And to be fair to Buckingham and Nicks, some of the loathers never got past Peter Green leaving the band in its first incarnation, or the move from blues-based to pop-based.

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