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December 10, 2007


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It's funny that you say it was listening to that Spoon album on headphones that revealed its details. For me, it was listening to it on my home stereo. In my car, of course, it sounded like pleasant mush (I have a truly shitty car stereo), and on my iPod, all the songs ran together on me, and they still sounded dense and undifferentiated. But on my home stereo, all the open spaces, um, opened up, with the subtle production nuances coming into sharper focus. I hadn't been quite sure about the album before, but now I like it a lot.

i am still keeping the faith that you will come around on those jens lekman songs.... i still can't believe that you aren't there yet, tho, after the gloriousness of that show we saw!!! maybe you just need to imagine the stern lady drummer or the tiny bowl-cut bass player gal when you listen to those songs... syrupy strings, bah.

I like that we have conversations via blog comments.

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