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January 15, 2008


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"Songs for a Dead Pilot took a slight left turn from the trajectory Low had been on; just enough to show that they could go anywhere they pleased."

unfortunately where they pleased wasn't so ...um ...pleasing...

for me, pilot was also an incredible leap forward - the skronky-ness was such a great addition to their previous sheen; and going back to that discussion of clap your hands blah blah, this was a truly experimental record for low, because you can actually hear them experimenting! it's raw, and it gives the band a whole new feeling of being real.

i even thought secret name was good - kind of some steps forward and some steps back (and, in my humble opinion, the greatest truly pop sounding song they've ever made - immune)... but i can't stand anything they've done since

Secret Name was the first Low record I bought, and since then, I've gone backwards and been happy for it.... I've never bought Songs for a Dead Pilot, though. Now I think I probably will. Incidentally, I love Things They Lost in the Fire, but other than that, I agree with sroden. Both Trust and, um, what's the one after that? Anyway, both of them, while not awful, leave me feeling sort of meh.

Oh, also: I enjoyed this post.

An earlier draft of this post had me going back to that CYHSY conversation from a week or two back, but it was becoming too tangential. Nevertheless there is a VERY obvious comparison to be made between the albums, and particularly the opening tracks; as you say, it's a good way to show what it means to actually experiment and to pose as experimental. "Will the Night" is an immediate comment to all of Low's previous material: "we're going somewhere new!"

I think they continued that trajectory with Secret Name, and to some extent Things We Lost in the Fire, although that's the album that I finally felt like I'd had enough.

Someone who knows their later material better than me might be able to take this idea further. Personally, I think they've been diverted to less interesting territory, based on what I've heard of the last two albums.

Richard, I'd be interested to hear what you think of Songs for a Dead Pilot considering Secret Name was your entry point for the band. I feel that Secret Name grew directly out of ideas set up in Songs. I'm curious to see if you feel, going backward, that Songs sounds ambitious or half-baked.

Terrific post.

I'm curious - are you into Red House Painters and Mojave 3 (or Neil Halstead's solo stuff)?

I know they're sorta second cousins three times removed from Low, but in my own disorganized mental files I think of them as related.

This is my favorite Low album as well, but I think it took me a bit to realize it.

I love this, secret name, and fire a lot. the latter two really do grow out of songs, and I love them both. fire didn't bore me at all.

j - I don't dislike Fire, just ambivalent to it. Never heard Trust and really disliked everything I've heard from the last two.

bdr - I have Halstead's Sleeping on Roads and am familiar with the Red House Painters and Mojave 3 stuff, though I can't say I'm a huge fan of any of it. Not bad, just never hooked me. Halstead in particular makes me want to listen to Nick Drake instead.

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