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June 23, 2008


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Weird. I love Broadcast, but I've never seen a reference to the United States of America in connection to them... maybe I haven't been reading the right reviews! Anyway, I got the USA album several years ago, after reading about it in The Wire, though I haven't listened to it all that often...

Re: Neil Young. Funny, I have like 20 of his albums, and I don't have Harvest, nor do I want it. What are the other three you have?

Re: Terry Riley. Have you heard Church of Anthrax, his collaboration with John Cale? Excellent!

Duly noted about the Riley/Cale - I haven't heard it but will keep an eye out for it.

For Neil Young, I've got On the Beach, Unplugged, and Silver & Gold, the latter two of which I don't really put on too often. Why don't you want Harvest? There's a couple clunkers on it (I never listen to "A Man Needs a Maid") but otherwise I think all the songs are 10s.

Sounds like you've got the American version of Armed Forces, so "Sunday's Best", a great song, may not be on your version. Anyway, on side two I also love "Chemistry Class" and especially "Two Little Hitlers". But I like them all. I agree that side two isn't as great as side one, but I still like every song.

One thing I love about this era of the Attractions is how you can listen to the musicians one at a time, and when you put it all together none of them are obviously dependent upon another, yet it all fits together naturally.

I'll have to check the tracklist when I get home. I feel like "Sunday's Best" is on there but I can't think of how it goes off the top of my head.

re "Chemistry Class" - I do love the line "Chemistry Class / I want a piece of your mind"

Harvest has some great songs, but several of them are on Decade, which I have. Dunno, for some reason the album as a whole has never appealed to me (though it could just be a contrarian position, since it's so often cited as the best). I love On the Beach. It and Tonight's the Night are probably my favorites.

I think Les Paul played some of his guitar parts with the tape rolling at half speed. When played back at normal speed, the notes were twice as fast. I did some of this type of recording myself back when my 4-track was working. I did this not to achieve the appearance of lightning-fast licks, but for a different timbre to the guitar sound.

By the way, I've discarded my copies of Unplugged and Silver & Gold, but for acoustic, late-period Neil Young, I recommend Harvest Moon.

You've posted two of my alltime favorite songs: Oliver's Army and Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. (So I guess that means you've got great taste!)

I second the nomination of Tonight's The Night as the best Neil Young album.

Paul, Richard - thanks for the Tonight's the Night recommendation. I was planning for either Rust Never Sleeps or Harvest Moon for my next purchase but it looks like I need to revise my priorities.

Eric - is that right? That would explain why his sound is so unique, and why some of those leads to sound so lightning fast. Kinda takes some of the awe away... though to be truthful it's really Mary Ford that is the heart of the album.

Well, you can't go wrong with Rust Never Sleeps! (In fact, it may be more immediately likable, but you never know.)

I love Neil Young, and I think Live:Rust is one of my favourites just because on the one side you've got all the fantastic acoustic stuff and then you flip it for real rockers. It's really quite good, I think.

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