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June 01, 2008


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Marquee Moon and Eight Miles High were definitely on my list, but you've added Slip Inside. MBV is amazing to the ears and worth the nod.

let's see...

Link Wray is said to have invented fuzz. He oughta get one. I like his later stuff better tho. Definitely that early Kinks power chord with the torn-up vox amp! Zappa was weird but a true master with a distinct sound; good signature lick could be Apostrophe.

it's a good thing you distinguish between timbre and technique, otherwise i would have just listed every clarence white album.

Brendan, I'd love to see (and hear) your version of this list.

I'd maybe argue for "Super Unison" over "Luau" just because it has such an emotional range to it. "Luau" is all caustic agression. It's an amazing creative outpouring, like a noise rock version of "The Aristocrats" joke almost, but I don't really know if I can vouch for it as something that emotionally resonates with me. The "maybe I've been cloned" part in "Super Unison" on the other hand just floors me every time, then there's the last act, where the guitars just turn into a force of nature.

Actually, that reminds me; "Seven Day Candle" by Christie Front Drive would be near the top of my list. The spiraling guitars at the end of that song still get to me.

Really you can't deny any of that album. I could make a pretty good argument for "Here Come the Rome Plows" and "Do You Compute," too. But I can't get enough of John Reis's freakout that happens toward the end of "Luau."

Believe it or not I haven't ever heard CFD - really not sure how I managed to work in a record store at the height of that era of emo and manage to not hear a single note.

I've never heard The Byrds' original rendition of 8 Miles High before even though I have a valiant attempt at an instrumental version by The Ventures on my ipod. It's also interesting for me to see that somebody has a "favorite" Electric Prunes track. They were never big here in Australia, although I wake up in the dead of night with snatches of Mass In F Minor rattling in my head.

scott, thats all i ever bought when you worked at said record store! christie front drive and mineral got me into rock music!

Ricky - apparently there is some kind of David Axelrod reissue out now that combines the two Electric Prunes albums he comandeered (Release of an Oath and Mass in F Minor) and one or two other projects he produced. I haven't seen it in stores but I plan to look for it, since I don't actually own the Prunes albums in full.

Dave - don't I know it. Glad to know that stuff led you to something else, but God I don't know how you could bear Mineral. They were a Sunny Day knockoff--and on top of that Sunny Day sucked too!!

come on mineral wasnt that bad! hahahaha.. (i still hold a place for them!)

love david axelrod, although i have only the capitol years album which has been in heavy rotation for me over the last few years! i think the human abstract is one of my favorite songs ever!

This is an excellent guitar resource. I'm going to go ahead and bookmark it for future use. Thanks!

you are so right about Mick Turner on Moon Pix! it only really occurred to me the other day to make the connection that it wasn't Chan playing that amazing intro to Metal Heart but one of my favourite guitarists Mick!

Nice, I've got to say I've not heard one or two of the songs which I've subsequently downloaded - awesome.



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