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October 13, 2008


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Yeah, I was a little put off by them as well. I think everyone imagines what a band sounds like based on their name and album covers, but it seems like bands don't realize this with some of their album covers. I'll definitely check out Faust, it's at least worth a listen. Thanks for the review.

Great write-up. Love these albums, but... still prefer the Neu debut and the Can classics as far as Krautrock goes.

Nice. Makes me wish I didn't have most of my Faust in storage. It's been a while since I've played the first album.

What are your thoughts on drone? Tony Conrad? I ask because Tony Conrad and Faust did a record in the mid-70s, long out of print but now available on cd, called Outside the Dream Syndicate. I think it's great, but you do have to have some patience for long repetitive drone pieces.

Richard - the goal of this blog is to make you regret all the CD purging you did in the last year... it's working!

I've seen the Conrad collaboration, and it's on my list of records to buy. I like drone... I used to like it a lot more. It's one of those things that is deceptively difficult to do right. (of course, if anyone can do it right, it's probably Tony Conrad.)


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