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November 22, 2008


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Station to Station is terribly underrated.

Have you heard/do you like the new Eno/Byrne?

I'm enjoying Station to Station so far (Young Americans is another story... yikes). Haven't heard the new Eno/Byrne thing yet...

Though I love the song "Young Americans" and even "Fame", the rest of that record is fairly yikes, I'd have to agree...

Richard, that's exactly my feeling. The sax on the title track sets my teeth on edge but somehow by the end the rest of the song overcomes. And I do like "Fame" - it's a weird little song that really doesn't fit on the rest of the record.

scott, its been awhile!hope your doing well! love that brian eno album! three mile pilots cover of By This River is soo great and actually was my first taste of eno!


Hey hey hey. the new eno & byrne collab isn't the best. i just bought it the other day. stand out track would be big nurse.

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