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January 29, 2009


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It's funny, I also felt I needed to keep up with "the conversation", though with a full-time non-music-critic job, there was no way I could realistically expect to.

Now, even though I almost never acquire any new music, I am still overwhelmed by the sheer mass of my collection, even with the vast majority of it still in storage. Since I enjoy a wide variety of musical styles (becoming aware that I actually liked some job chart pop was what ultimately doomed me), and since many of my favorite albums took me many listens before I liked them at all, I am reluctant to pull the plug on stuff, so I still have a wide body of potentially iffy songs on my iPod, etc...

I would probably purge my library of stuff more often, to keep things manageable, but a certain brilliant member of my household has an irrational need to hold onto everything once it's in there. Of course, I'm the guy who used most of his eMusic subscription this month buying shit I sold ten years ago... so maybe it's more rational than I give her credit.

people who wear glass slippers shouldn't walk on rocks, you know...

I love that you take issue with wanting to keep something that takes up no physical space, yet you insist on keeping every crappy paperback edition of every book you've read since college. ahem. you are real lucky that i just so happen to be a book whore too.

Hey - Paul Auster's Book of Illusions doesn't come up on shuffle to ruin my day!

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