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March 10, 2009


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The good thing: No matter how old you get, there's always going to be more great old music to discover.

You touched on 2 of my favorite new wave masterpieces here! Ironically, I always knew and loved Marquee Moon, took me longer to get around to Television's 2nd album, Adventure. Have you checked that one yet?

And Mission of Burma, specifically Academy Fight Song, takes me back to my college dormroom at Hofstra U when I was first introduced to punk and new wave. This single was one of the tracks that led me in that direction. Brilliant.

Thanks for reading Barry - I haven't heard Adventure yet though it's one of those records that is on my list...

Great site!

I'm totally on that exact wavelength right now. I am also starting to discover that scene - thanks to The Pitchfork 500. Today, I received the three first albums by Wire. Awesome. MoB is next up - exactly those two albums you mention.

I have this exact thing happen pretty much every time I dig further into Sonic Youth. "Daydream Nation" I would seriously give to myself at 16, though. I would've lost my shit. Plus, I was actually patient then, so I would've probably liked it even more.

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