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April 11, 2009


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"Did I lose interest in Low because they had become predictable, or because I had overcome a kind of sadness I wasn’t ever fully aware of?" - I'm sure the personal was part of it, but I've had the same experience countless times & attribute it to the moment when you realize that the band has mapped its world, and that everything from that point on would be reexaminations of known territories or self-conscious, quixotic side trips. And it doesn't mean that I don't like or don't listen to those bands anymore; it just means that I don't have to. For me, one measure of a band's greatness is how that sequence of essential listening records is.

Yes - that's definitely a huge part of it. And I'm not alone in thinking things we lost in the fire was the last worthwhile record to purchase (if the comments to the previous post are any indication). I've got another post percolating in my brain right now on just what you're talking about - "mapping their territory" is a good way of describing it.

Oddly, though, recent Low records have sounded to me like they've tried to expand their world, as if they were aware that Things We Lost In the Fire was the end of a period for them. The results have been mixed.

Also, I hate when people boo an opening act.

Man, it was brutal.

I saw Low open for Wilco, and the result was the same. It was actually my introduction to Low. I'm sure Alan has some good stories about the worst shows.

See, the thing is, the headliner usually chooses the opening act, right? Do people not know this? Do they not realize the insult to the band they no doubt adore?

I saw Soundgarden years ago, and the crowd booed both opening acts, which had obviously been chosen out of love. Chris Cornell bitched the crowd out about it.

It's really got to be a blessing and a curse for Low. I know they opened for Radiohead at one point, too - I think it was the Hail to the Theif tour. On the one hand it had to have been thrilling to get the offer... but could that many people be expected to shut up and listen?

I think they will make the best of it. Comes with being an opener, and part of working up. I think I saw that opener for Wilco.

Aw man. Googling around for "low band tshirt jaws" and found this. That shirt has been haunting me for years, ever since that soul coughing tour. I was always sorry I didn't get one.

I'm happy that slight obsession led me to this piece. Really nice writing. Thanks!

Amazing. Glad you liked the post - sorry I don't have an actual picture of the shirt. I don't know what happened to mine and I googled my brains out trying to find a pic. No luck. Only you and I remember it.

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