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May 18, 2009


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while certainly not unfamiliar with tortoise, my housemate loved to put this stuff on while he loaded, i never caught the fever back in the mid 90's. i dunno, it didn't seem rough enough for me. i think i just now caught it fifteen after the fact. or maybe its just perfect early saturday morning "i'm kinda hungover" music. "The Taut and the Tame" is a killer...and i am rambling.

i saw them right after tnt came out. i didn't really like that record as much as what came before... it felt kind of predictable, but i was interested to hear them live because of the giant john coltrane poster and the way they talked about making the music. i have to say it was one of the worst shows i've seen, and i left midway through it. they played tnt note for note. they never improvised, got lost, f-ed up, etc. no rough edges, no wandering, it reminded me of everything i hate about steely dan... ugh... i haven't heard millions in a long long time, but i'll bet it still kind of holds up, or at least exists as a strong document of a moment when several worlds collided... but man what a lot of potential that didn't go nearly as far as it could've...

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