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July 06, 2009


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I love love love "I Don't Sleep, I Dream". That, and "Let Me In", always keep me coming back to Monster.

Great idea. This definitely works much better as an album than either of its parents, both of which contain worthy songs but somehow fail to ignite.

Funny how the weight of expectation colours impressions though. I had a spell of listening to both these albums last year; Around the Sun in order to give it a second chance and Accelerate with all the excited anticipation of a much heralded return to form. Almost inevitably I was dissappointed with Accelerate and pleasantly surprised by Around The Sun. I dug out Accelerate again recently and found it to be a much better album than I first thought.

Yes! That's basically what happened with me. I'm re-reading my post just now and I think I put across the negative more than the positive, unfortunately. But when I re-listened to Around the Sun I actually realized that about half of it was actually really good. And, as an epilogue to this post: since listening to my "fake album" a number of times, all the Accelerate songs I used have really grown on me, to the point of creating that "craving" I was talking about above.

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