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July 07, 2009


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"This is a good analogy for what I love in a great guitarist. Great touch. They know how to go out of tune gracefully, they know the difference between volume and intensity—not always related—and they know when to play loose and to when to stay tight."

Interestingly enough, this describes Jimmy Page perfectly.

US Maple is great (didn't those guys love playing AC/DC covers?). My favorite is Acre Thrills.

If i could I would choose Clarence White, Jimi Hendrix (obvious but he simply had the best touch ever)and Marc Ribot.

i've heard people say Jack White is a killer guitar player. Willing to believe that, but I've got no real love for Page or Edge.

i like your picks of Verlaine and Moore etc. too.

Haven't you said before that you've never been a Dinosaur Jr. fan?

Jim - yeah. But if I were making a documentary about indie guitarists of the last 25 years I'd still include him.

It might have been better to wait until you saw the film before you commented on their egos - once the director gets past Jack White's defensiveness, there's little ego on display - and before you commented on why the title is It Might Get Loud. (It doesn't get loud.)

Well, you'll see it eventually, I guess.

I'm a little confused about this post, actually. My original comment reflects some of that, but is admittedly cryptic. But let me ask for some clarification. Are you contrasting the so-called touch guitarists with Page, Edge (?), and White? Or does that part of your post not actually have anything to do with the opening? The reason I ask is that both Page and The Edge anyway, whatever you think of their bands, are all about touch, at least how you describe it (I can't speak for White, but I'm more doubtful of him).

And after listening to several of your offered tracks, my confusion deepens. (It's also worth noting that US Maple and the Jesus Lizard depend on the existence of Led Zeppelin. The former because they are essentially deconstructing rock, and without rock to deconstruct, without the existing forms, their effort is pretty pointless. And the latter because, well, the Jesus Lizard were like cock-rock for indie rockers. And anyway didn't David Yow worship Zep? That doesn't mean you have to like them, but it might mean there's something else to consider there. Or it might be interesting to think it through.)

Your last comment about blues solos threw me as well. What exactly do you think these guys do? The blues is all about touch! (Page was sort of famous for not caring about technical virtuosity, per se, that the feel--touch--of the playing was more important.)

Meanwhile, I totally agree that it would be awesome to see your alternative documentary.

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