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January 22, 2010


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That Embryo track´s great. Will look into them further.


You've seen the swanfungus post where he uploaded Julian Cope's book Krautrocksampler as two pdf files, right? If you haven't, it's here: http://blog.swanfungus.com/2006/10/krautrocksampler.html

Highly recommended reading.

Embryo is new to me - learned about them as I was digging further and further into wikipedia and allmusic. As time went on they seem to have ventured into jazzier territories than other bands here, I think. But this song is literally all I know of them at the moment.

Andrew - thanks for re-posting that link. I do have that pdf printed out somewhere but I haven't read it; thanks for reminding me.

wow dude. I mean, really. wow.

PS: I had heard For Carnation in the 90s (the first album) and didn't love it. the song you posted the other day (from the second album I guess), I love. Really love. Is the whole second album great? Also, do I need to revisit the first?

You mean the one I posted just this week? (I also posted an older FC song a few weeks ago). The one from this week is from their 2000 self-titled album. I'd say the whole record is very much like that. It's terrific.

Yeah, the one from this week. Totally great. I'll have to pick up the album. Like I said, so many years ago I heard a little, decided I didn't like it, and never tried again. Now I'll re-think that decision.

I've been crazy about Can lately, and found this post of yours... now you've got me hooked on Faust, and looking into Neu! and Embryo. thank you for this lovely dose of krautrock (though I hate the term; it makes me think of my mother's delicious cooking... e.g. my personal favorite, BIGOS. try it if you haven't.)
this music is perfect lava lamp territory, imo... in fact listening to it is like having a traveling animate lava lamp companion, but more intense. and funny that it resembles Velvet Underground so much (or vice versa, I won't argue on 'influences'). they must have been friends at some point, VU and some of these bands.

bananafish - Faust IV is totally where it's at. That album is utter brilliance, beginning to end.

Wow. You're even more of a geek than I am.

Congratulations, and keep up the good work.

Schulze didn't start Tangerine Dream, it was formed on Sept 29th 1967 by Edgar Froese. Klaus Joined in 1969 (for 8 months)...left before the first album (electronic Meditation) was released in 1970...and then re-joined TD very briefly for their 1973 tour when Peter Baumann left, only to rejoin within a month

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