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January 23, 2010


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This is pure brilliance haha what an article.

Although according to this I should be rooting for Del Potro...but that's not likely...

This is a great article, combining two of my favorite things: boxing and referees tennis and music! The comparisons are spot-on, too.

You are really on a roll lately. Good to see the creative juices flowing.

"okay, I have one thing I do really well; but if I win by only doing that one thing, doesn't that make me some kind of genius?" -- sounds more like Radiohead to me.

But seriously, I see the point if you are talking about the Sunn 0))) live show, but their records are a whole different matter. Black One doesn't sound like Domkirke and neither sound anything like Monoliths and Dimensions. Granted, you know to expect certain sounds within the record, but I would argue again that the same could be said about Radiohead. Kid A might have been out of left-field, but not by THAT much.

Best post i've ever read. Brilliant reasoning on these, and I must say that i definitely agree with every one :)

Brilliance CUBED. I got the link from Chris B. right in the middle of the 5th set between Cilic and Del Potro and the Henin/Wickmayer match. My girlfriend and I who both love tennis and indie rock were howling with the comparisons. When I got to the section about Kubot and Inlets, I literally said, "oh this will be interesting...I haven't heard of Inlets and I don't know Kubot either". !!!! so good.

I even love how Cam knocked Radiohead, exactly the same way people knock Federer.

I think you just secured yourself 2 additional diehard followers with this article.

Interesting article, though I know tennis far better than indie rock, and have not even heard of many of the groups you mention. How sad that you only know 2 or 3 people who like tnenis. It is such a great game, especially when you focus on the baggage and not the elitist aspects which still exist. Thanks for the link, Clinton.

Oops, that should have read: It is such a great game, especially when you focus on the game itself, and not on the baggage and elitist aspects which still exist.

Thanks all - glad you got a kick out of this. I'd go this got the women too but I don't know some of them well enough. (but for the record the Williams sisters are Coldplay & U2 - known by everyone on earth but loathed by anyone I actually know - and Safina is Cat Power.

Cam, I'll grant that my SunnO))) reference was a gloss (but so was everything else). You'll have to give me a proper education.

Er, "do this for the women too." iPhone be mis-autocorrecting.

So good... and so right. If this analysis doesn't marry the worlds of Pro Tennis and Indie Rock, I don't know what will. Does Dungen have to come and sit in Soderling's box?

The last lines in both #2 and #3 might have to be called genius.

Well done!

@Scott: I apologize for coming off so stuffy and seemingly missing the whole point of the piece. It was truly a clever idea, and I apologize for not recognizing it as such the first time.

@ Clinton: I wasn't so much knocking Radiohead... more like building up Sunn 0))). Yes, you are always going to hear drones and doom-style riffs from those two, but they are also masters of collaboration and improvisation. Their art-rock cred is impeccable. They make Radiohead look like what they are: a very talented pop group.

Cam, now we're even after my "powerviolence clusterfuck " line. :)

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