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January 20, 2010


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You could explore the electronic music bit to points beyond the origin, down to the emergence of musique concrete in the 1940s (and even earlier work I'm probably not aware of). It's electroacoustic music, but there are deep cavern echoes in that music that still get replayed in current permutations, blasts of sound and space that make even modern electronic spines flutter.

That might be a dig too deep, though. You can lose sight of the objective if you get paralyzed by the sheer enormity.

Yeah, I bought a three disc set a few years ago on the origins of electronica, which covers roughly the 30s-70s. There's definitely a point, going back chronologically, where it sort of loses it's musicality. I find that interesting but only to a point. I'm not sure yet exactly where my investigations will take me.

Hey, it's not just powerviolence...We have doom/black metal/prog clusterfucks too!

You know I use the word clusterfuck in the most affectionate way possible...

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