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July 15, 2010


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' "you know they just got high and messed around and recorded that, right?" No, I didn't know this. Was I supposed to know this?'

let's say they did this, but it was awesome... wouldn't that be part of the story? like, they're so talented, etc etc, and the looseness of it, you know they just got together and jammed and it all just came out, naturally, man.

Is it that aspect that makes it a joke? Are they really just taking the piss? Or is that just the line so they don't have to be sincere about it? Is the sax meant to be joke? Or is that just what these guys come up with in the moment? Maybe they just suck.

You're aware that "Cry"-- both the song and the video, in fact-- are covers, right?


That's Godley and Creme, from 1985. So it's probably not a fluke that that's the only Gayngs song you like isn't a Gayngs song at all.

Richard, as I (jokingly) said to my friend - I wish they'd done LSD rather than marijuana!

Mono - No! Didn't know that! Incredibly faithful cover,too.

Monosyllabic beat me to it- that Godley and Creme video was everywhere when I was in high school. It was kind of a joke then actually for being so smooth, but I always could tell there was a glimmer of a good song in there.

Oh yeah, now I remember! The controversy was all about the faked high note at the end of the song- it was pitched way, way higher than the singer could sing, but he lipsyncs it in the video. At the time, that seemed like a sin. Today, in the world of AutoTune, I can't imagine anyone would notice.

i have no respect for you, everything justin vernon touches is gold

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