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August 02, 2010


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That's really funny. Good stuff. I hope you're not disappointed when you don't have any REAL conversations like that with your lad.

The good news: you'll have real conversations like this someday.

The bad news: eventually, when you go as a family to something like, say, last night's Gogol Bordello/Primus show in Charlottesville, he'll ditch you to go down front amongst the moshers and crowdsurfers.

I think you may have just made my day. And really? No London Calling? No wonder kids always think their parents aren't cool.

Maybe the conversations won't go EXACTLY like this, but I do look forward to something similar. In reality I'm just hoping he masters consonants soon.

Jesse - every parent has a secret shame.

This is the best blog entry ever. And, yes, it's seriously hard to choose between a baby and Zooey Deschanel when giving out most adorable prizes. So hard.

Awesome. Just frigging awesome.

Ha, excellent. Well done.

I tend to think the Clash, generally, were not all that great, a handful of songs aside... but then, most of those are on London Calling, so...

Yeah, this is great. I think it's entirely possible that you'll have these conversations with Cooper someday. I know my brother has recently started trading mixes with his 14-year-old. And another blogger I often read actually goes to hardcore shows with her teenagers. If you introduce things in the right way, it can totally happen.

This is so excellent. Seriously, you don't have London Calling? That's a little weird. But I really think you're going to love being the parent of a teenager. It is possible to have conversations not too far off from what you've imagined.

I have found that listening to London Calling is like hearing a Beatles album for the first time. Almost every song that comes on, I say "Oh, I know this song."

Love it.

you and your son are awesome. i discovered this blog in late may and have to tell you how much i love it, which is a lot

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