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September 06, 2010


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Awesome. Thanks!

Hey this Is really great. I was thinking the same thing as I read through that list. So many of my favorite things - jehu, rocket, hoover, jawbreaker, JAWBREAKER - kind of seem to miss out on the love that 2010 90s nostalgia is handing out. Remember when pitchfork did their original and revised versions of the 90s best albums? The first list was made near the end of the decade - jehu was on there, neutral milk hotel had a low ranking. Then on the revised list things changed. NMH became the best thing ever and jehu dropped out. So I think it's fair to say that I'm not the only one who was into some of the stuff i was obsessed with in that decade, it's just that some of it lost it's appeal to other folks as time went on I guess.

Such a great list--so much of this stuff would go on my "best of 90's" playlist too. Here's some other tracks that stand out to me from the 90s:

June of 44 - "Mooch"
Melvins - "Sacrifice"
Unwound - "Broken E Strings"
Stereolab - "Crest"
Jesus Lizard - "Boilermaker"
Huggy Bear - "Her Jazz"
Girls Against Boys - "Cruise Your New Baby Fly Self"
Shudder to Think - "No RM.9, Kentucky"
Universal Order of Armageddon - "Switch is Down"
Antioch Arrow - "Conspiring the GoGo"
Slant 6 - "What Kind of Monster are You"
Nation of Ulysses - "Sound of Jazz to Come"
Make-Up- "Don't Step on the Children"

Fantastic list. Reading it made me feel like you broke into my head (and cd collection). BTW, just pre-ordered the Slint 33 1/3 book, and can't wait to devour it.

This is an awesome playlist. Just know that you have a musical doppelganger out there in the cosmos. I'm not fucking kidding. Seam, Rodan, Squarepusher, Photek and Camp Lo, Hoover, Codeine and Heavy Vegetable? You are a beast. I really thought I was the only maniac in the world into all these bands as much as I was. You made this 35 year old dad one happy fucker today. Nice.

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