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October 09, 2010


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"indie rock, a genre that has typically favored effacing the lead vocal through reverb, distortion, a low mix, nonsensical lyrics, or an enigmatic personality for the better part of twenty-five or thirty years. (Aside: is that the legacy of the Jesus and Mary Chain or does it go back further?)"

Early REM comes to mind as one other source, no doubt among several possibilities...

Greatly stated! I sat here trying to describe his voice. I like all your descriptions. I came up with enigmatic.

I think the drumming's a pretty integral sound of the band's sound, too: relentlessly propulsive, never really abating, etc. But maybe you were talking about the band's sound in terms of, like, sonic qualities and not its, you know--sound. Either way.

lovely writing and thanks for the link to that Zane interview. Truly shed some light on the recording process.

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