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November 23, 2010


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I'm a longtime reader of your blog. I just wanted to let you know that I bought your book and look forward to reading it when school slows down. I first found pgwp on a random Google search about Slint; it's only right that you wrote the definitive book on Spiderland. I also wanted to say that I miss your weekly listening roundups. I want to know what you're listening to.

I just finished your 33 1/3 volume and have to say that out of the 30+ I've read, yours is in the top 5, without question. An outstanding addition to the series.

Well done, and thank you.

Thank you both!

Scott - high praise, I appreciate it.

James - thanks for reading. This year totally got away from me as far as my weekly listening goes. I hope to bring it back in the new year, life permitting.

did you notice the lyrics quotes from Hank Williams' "Ramblin Man" and Leonard Cohen's "Heart With No Companion" in the lyrics of Spiderland.

fyi - it is Stephanie CARTA not Karta.

Sorry for the error. If there is ever a reprint and I'm able to make corrections, I'll fix it.

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