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December 11, 2010


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guess what i found out? "Bright Lit Blue Skies" is a cover! :


Oh of course... it's like Gayngs all over again - one excellent song that turns out to be a super-faithful cover, thus underlining their overall crapiness.

"Dr. Dog: Shame Shame
A solid (uh…) effort from an underrated band that knows how to pen a great rock song. Their last album, for me, is borderline transcendent. I think the bar was too high for Dr. Dog to do better this time around. Still, a good album."

I could not agree more. You just encapsulated my thoughts regarding Dr. Dog and 'Shame Shame' into four perfect sentences. (While we're on the topic, how brilliant is 'Fate'? Christ, what an album.)

I disagree with your thoughts regarding the Ritter LP. Front-loaded to the max. Though he certainly could have cobbled together the EP of the year with the best tracks off of 'So Runs...'

And finally: 'Clinging' from the Radio Dept. has had the best legs of any of my favorite albums from this year. I still return to it at least twice a week. Beach House, which soundtracked my January through March, hasn't been spun in at least a month. And I LOVE that album. Kudos to those Swedish stoners for being so good at what they do.

I agree that the first half of the Ritter album is the strongest half - especially the first two songs - but I really like the back half too. The only song I could do without is "Lantern," which is pretty hokey. Also I appreciate "Folk Bloodbath" but it's kinda worn out its welcome for me. The rest, really good.

Also - all of Ritter's albums are patchy, so the fact that he was able to make a consistently enjoyable record is a big plus within his oeuvre.

Ooh, I disagree with your last comment. One of the reasons I am such a huge Ritter fan (while more or less eschewing other modern 'folkies,' save for AA Bondy and a few other worthy troubadours) is because of the consistency inherent in his oeuvre. 'So Runs The Run World Away' is the first Ritter LP that I cannot sit down and listen to start to finish. But hey, at least we both agree that "Lantern" is a turd.

Also: What happened to Midlake? Yikes.

re: emeralds
youre outta your cotton pickin' mind tennent

2 questions:
Gayngs: Relayted
Fuck this band and fuck this trend of indie R&B/White Soul Revival/Saxual Assault and fuck you if you like it.

Is this solid?

Ever considered Sun Kil Moon's (or Mark Kozelek) Admiral Fell Promises good enough for any year´s list?
Don't misread me. You blog is one of the brightest, well informed and worth to visit

Daniel Oliveira

Gayngs is far from solid! I still like the song "Cry" but that's it.

I haven't heard the latest Sun Kil Moon... I'll keep an ear for it - thanks for the recommendation.

Just made me re-listen to Arp (had only heard a couple) ...Now also my fave of the year! Did u like Games? (OpN)

Glad to hear you've revisited Arp... hope more people do.

I've only heard one track from Games and honestly wasn't really paying attention. Thanks for reminding me to seek it out.

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