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January 04, 2011


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Do you like things like Fennesz or alva.noto? (Don't know if those would be too "noisy" for you.) For the latter, his collaborations with Ryiuchi Sakamoto (esp. Vrioon) are beautiful.

I have Fennesz' "Endless Summer" and like it. I have one track from alva noto and I like that too, but I'm not otherwise familiar with his work.

Ooh, you gotta hear the Alva Noto/Blixa Bargeld album! Check out this post for their version of Nilsson's "One": http://thecargoculte.com/archives/1494

Check out the Locrian too; I think the drone-lover in you might appreciate it.

have you heard any of james blake? Klavierwerke? interesting stuff..

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