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January 07, 2011


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Highly highly highly recommend Wire - 154.

wow, the destroyer is that bad eh? havent listened yet...frightened to now.

Just realized I totally biffed my Ashton Kutcher reference. Oh well.

I've probably said this before, but Chairs Missing and 154 are must listens.

In terms of Red Barked Tree, I am familiar with Wire's ouevre and I came to the same conclusion as you did. It's relatively close to the last EP and LP (both of which I prefer) in the general approach - updating the mid-tempo rock of their late 80s LPs(The Ideal Copy, A Bell Is a Cup...) with more traditional rhythms/mixes. The songwriting on this one isn't great and a few of the songs try to force their instrumental hand by being too aggressive (i.e. like Send / Read & Burn 1/2).

I really like Kaputt, but I am on several drugs. Of course, when I was on no drugs, I never imagined that I was capable of saying "or even a good album by any standard is on meds" seriously.

I have mentioned that I think Chairs Missing is my favorite rock album of all time, right?

Both those early Wire albums are on my to-buy list... just haven't gotten to them yet.

Scraps - good to see you around these parts again! And thank you for proving my point that meds are necessary.

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