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July 08, 2011


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I have a feeling that you may have been a major reason for this to now appear, so I appreciate that. I purchased the book and really enjoyed it. Having lived in Louisville during that timeframe, it brought back many a memory. You may have learned of this already, but Trash Flow Radio had a Derby Day special this year that played some rare Louisville stuff, such as live Languid and Flaccid. They even archive it through their Facebook page. It is worth checking out if you have not to this point.

Thanks TMJ.I have no idea if I'm the reason but in any case I'm really glad it's out there. I didn't know about the Trash Flow Radio show! Off to seek it out.

Hey Scott it's Pajo! Just to add, I actually found a copy of Maurice playing what became the first Slint song-- we called it "New Dave" at the time (cuz it was my new song, ha!). It's all clean guitar and Mike Bucayu is doing his best to play that bass line, with awkward pauses and tuning to D, etc! It's the last song after a terrible set at the The Jockey Club in Newport KY (opening for Scratch Acid?). We are being heckled the entire time and Rat doesn't really sing, he spends the set apologizing for not being punk rock enough! I have some other Maurice recordings that shows the transition to Tweez pretty obviously-- the demo is a full year before the transition. Maybe all this stuff will be properly released someday... I just wanted to get that demo out first, for people to check it out for themselves. Oh yeah, The Struggle chugga chuggas resurfaced in Slint as Glenn, from the untitled 10". Jam on.

Awesome, thanks David! I was just talking with someone on ILM (I think it was Drew but under an alias) about The Struggle - clearly a connection there.

Man, I would LOVE to hear that Maurice version of Pat.

Thanks for commenting!

It's also worth mentioning that for a long time one of the only tastes of Maurice out there was a cover version of "Dare to Feel" by local Louisville band Dybbuk (who were not much older than Maurice when they recorded it).

Unlike the Maurice version, it was recorded well, by Howie Gano at Louisville's Sound on Sound studios, and released on the band's long OOP full-length as well as a local compilation.

Underlining the incestuousness of Louisville's music scene, a proto-Rodan band recorded a Slint (and Midnight Starr) medley for the same comp.


Actually, I was the inspiration for the Maurice recordings being released. I've been bugging Dave, etc for awhile about releasing some of the Maurice stuff (FSBL demo, rehearsals, live gigs of which there are many) in some form or another. After getting the FSBL "original" rehearsal/demo tape from Britt, I digitized it and provided it to Dave, who weaved his re-mastering magic. You can hear the results for yourself. There are at least 2 instrumental rehearsals from the 1985 and 1986 respectively, as well as a number of live shows from 1985 & 1986, including several from the Samhain tour in April 1986 and the Scratch Acid gig where they performed Pat. There is at least one other live recording of that song a well.

By the way Scott, most if not all of the the Maurice guys were well older than 15 when they recorded this rehearsal demo.

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