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December 20, 2011


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I'm still in the process of making my list -- an incredibly stupid process in which I'm listening to all of the 2011 albums I have in iTunes from start to finish, and filling in the gaps with important/intriguing records from others' list. At this pace it'll be done in 2013, at which point I would love your input on it!

I can say that I've listened to 101 albums from 2011 in the last 20 days and roughly 34 of them are recommendable in some fashion or another.

I started to do that at the beginning of the month but soon realized I was more interested in the albums that were not only good, but that also meant something to me. Cramming necessarily negated the latter. I'll probably do another post in January that is a rundown of 2011 albums I was late to.

At any rate I'm looking forward to your list too!

Scott - thanks for the link and kind words. If you dig Bondy you should check out his album American Hearts from '07, a little rootsier/bluesier than Believers, but really great.

Malcom from Arrange is still a teenager, I expect he'll make something of a name for himself over the next few years in some capacity, really talented kid. I think his album Plantation was reviewed on Pfork and got a 7-something.

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