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December 01, 2011


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Thanks for the kind words Scott--even though my "blog" has really been just a half-assed tumblr effort for the past few years. Maybe you've inspired me to get back to being a bit more focused and including some more text with the tunes.

where's the ladies at, yo?

I mistakenly omitted Maura - Sound of the City is better than it's ever been, ever.

Coincidence, I think, but a lot of the ladies I've followed for a while don't seem to be blogging a lot. Flux-Rad, Rich Girls... (or maybe I've not been paying attention?)

Oh, and I didn't realize until I was looking at their about page and bylines today, but Altered Zones actually has a decent number of women writers/editors!

I know what you mean about some of the music on 20 JFG but I really enjoy the writing it's like the antithesis of a lot of blog writing which too often aspires to an Ian Macdonald flattening through intellectualising. They pinpoint the mystery and strangeness and imaginativeness not the quavers & crotchets

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